How do GPS trackers work? Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is becoming an integral part of our lives. You may have also considered investing in a GPS tracker for your vehicle. How much do we actually understand about this technology though? Read below to find out more:
  • What are GPS trackers?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. A GPS tracker is a portable device and are able to provide real-time information on both the vehicle and information surrounding a trip. This includes speed and location data and driver behavior through telematics technology. It is a navigation device normally carried by a moving vehicle or person that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device’s movements and determine its location.
  • Who uses GPS trackers?
GPS tracker is to use to anybody that is worrisome owns a vehicle. Owners of large fleets of trucks or cars also like to use them. Even parents of teenagers that have recently started driving. This allows them to track their child’s driving patterns and routes. And also guide them through these novice years on the road.
  • How does GPS tracking work?
The person or object attached to the GPS device is being located by a network of satellites. Global System for Mobile is a technology that cellular networks run on , software on your phone, tablet or computer. It allows you to view your vehicle’s location in real-time using the installed GPS tracker in your vehicle.
  • Why use GPS tracking in a vehicle?
A GPS car tracking device lets you know where your vehicle is at all times. And this is especially useful if you’re worried about your vehicle hijacked or stolen. The GPS technology makes the job of both law enforcement authorities and private companies in locating and recovering your vehicle. The real-time data collected through telematics technology allows fleet managers to oversee and moderate drive behavior and put in place the necessary changes that will improve safety and reduce operational costs arising from poor driving.
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