My Story – My Buddy Gard


Introducing – Erika Wager


Why did I establish My Buddy Gard GPS tracking products and services?

My Buddy Gard GPS tracker was developed for the
non tech savvy and needed to be easy to use, waterproof, look right and be a device that I could trust.

It all started when my Mum developed anxiety and panic attacks. After losing her life partner she was living in Queensland by herself when the attacks started.

My Mum was 75 and had never had any illness. Suddenly she was frequently calling me with a frail and panicked voice. It was really scary and frustrating for me and because I was living in Melbourne I felt helpless.

My Story – My Buddy Gard


Introducing – Angie Schmitzer

Training & Marketing Manager


My passion for helping people started from a very young age; I loved pretending to be mum to my siblings!  The first charity work I did was way back in Year 8 at school when I volunteered to help with ‘Meals on Wheels’.  I enjoyed meeting the old folk and chatting about fun topics to make them smile.  This ignited my enthusiasm for helping people.  I wanted to make a difference and contribute to other people’s happiness.  In fact, my motto is


Happy Healthy Wealthy and Safe….with a long fun filled and fulfilling life.


(What more could I ask for!)


Over the years, I’ve volunteered my time with Magic Moments, St Vincent De Paul, Big Brother Big Sister and Friends for Older People.


My favourite ‘job title’ is being a ‘wife’ and a ‘mother’ to our 11-year-old son.  I love contributing to the health and happiness of my boys.  We call ourselves “Team Family’.
Workwise, I’m a people person.  I started in Reception, then Customer Service, Sales, Sales Rep and for the last 10 years or so I have been focusing on Sales and Motivation Training.  I like to lead by example and inspire those in my team to continue to grow and be the best they can be.  My training does focus on the sales and product knowledge side but I always team it with motivational tips and personal growth information.  One of my favourite tasks is to write a ‘Keys To Success’ that is distributed on a regular basis to the whole team.
If you were to ask me what do I love most about my work, I’d say it’s helping others succeed and thrive!

My Story – My Buddy Gard

Introducing – Siim Konks

Web Administrator & CTO

My optimistic and happy perspective on everything I do and am has opened up a world of positive outcomes. I’ve always enjoyed listening and helping other people around me. It gives me great pleasure to know that I’ve made someone’s day a little bit brighter by helping them.

“Always deliver more than expected” and “Never give up” are my two most important rules to live by.

From an early age my passion has lied around computers and technology. Starting out with simple things like getting Sony Walkman Cassette player for Christmas, my parents knew that it would probably take me a day or two until I pulled it to bits because of my curiosity to see what was inside the player and how the components worked. (I managed to always put everything back together as well without any screws left over.)

Getting my first computer in the beginning of 2000’s was a real game changer, I knew that this piece of technology was going to be a part of my everyday life right from the beginning. Growing up in Estonia we were blessed with super fast internet as well which opened a whole new world of information for me. My curiosity lead me to various different articles about satellite tracking and it peaked my interest to a point where I told myself “if I was ever going to be involved with satellite tracking industry, then I would make it my mission to help people keep their personal privacy in the process”. Being involved with the development of My Buddy Gard, we have made privacy our first and most important policy.

I love what I do and wake up every morning saying to myself “If I were to die today, I would die as the happiest man on the planet”

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