My Buddy Gard GPS Tracking products and service will provide you with greater freedom, security and peace of mind

My Car Buddy 4G GPS Tracker

My Car Buddy is designed for asset protection and recovery in case of stolen. Switch off your vehicle’s engine remotely with a click of a button and call police with your vehicle’s location details

Kid’s Buddy 4G Watch

“There are some new products and device that can help parents keep track of their kids, keep them safe if they get lost and give you peace of mind while they’re playing and having fun” –

Anna Wild ABC News

Elderly Buddy 4G GPS Tracker

Our GPS elderly tracking system can be used specifically for clients with conditions such as dementia or just for safety and peace of mind of your loved ones as they age.

My Buddy Gard Rent to Own GPS Tracker

Rent to own any of My Buddy Gard GPS tracking devices for a low monthly cost. Our Rent to Own plan is designed to help reduce upfront costs to keep you family and assets safe

My Buddy Gard Track Map Mobile Application

How Will My Buddy Gard Help Me?

With My Buddy Gard GPS trackers, you keep your family and assets safe.

Did you know?

On average, 35,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year.

Which is equal to one person every 15 minutes! There are three groups of people most at risk going missing:

  1. Those living with a mental illness
  2. Young people
  3. Older people with dementia or memory loss

How to purchase My Buddy Gard Device?

What is My Buddy Gard?

My Buddy Gard offers personal GPS trackers as well as access to an optional member program. People can wear the devices in a product that best suits their lifestyle. GPS tracking devices include the following features and benefits:

personal gps tracking device Emergency SOS alert button, with up to 3-4 pre-programmed phone numbers. This allows the user to instantly call for help.

 Geo fence technology which will instantly alert you if a loved one breaches any boundary you set.

 Tracking history with a minimum of 3 months data that allows you to easily retrace wearer patterns/habits

 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS capability to allow for maximum coverage

 Long battery life and batteries that are easy to charge.


personal gps tracking device Emits lowest radio frequency to minimise any health risks which can be further reduced by adding watch harmonizer

 Ability to view activity using a pedometer, steps and much more

 Reminder to take medication. Alerting wearers so that they never forget to take important medication

 Low battery warning, with the ability to email or text to others. This safety feature helps wearers to avoid being unprotected.

 Waterproof – All My Buddy Gard wearable devices are certified with at least IP67 rating. Users won’t have to remove the device when taking a shower.

 Future proof 4G LTE products only because Telcos have already started shutting down 3G networks and will be phased out completely in upcoming years

Secured Payment

What do I get when I purchase My Buddy Gard

If you purchase a My Buddy Gard GPS tracking device, you decide: Which GPS tracking solution is best suited to your needs.

 How you want the GPS device to be worn.

 Which membership option you want.

 What payment method suits your budget.

Become a Buddy Member

You can also easily access our GPS tracking services by tapping into our program and becoming a Buddy Member. This will give you access to:

 My Buddy Gard GPS tracking products

 Program information and insights

 A support network that provides you with an opportunity to share, learn and help other members.

 An affiliate program that rewards you for helping others and can provide you with additional income.