My Buddy Gard GPS Tracking products and service will provide you with greater freedom, security and peace of mind

What is My Buddy Gard?

My Buddy Gard offers personal GPS trackers as well as access to an optional member program. People can wear the devices in a product that best suits their lifestyle. 

Monitor the Buddy wearers anywhere at any time  24/7. Track Map is available on your Desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone (Android & IOS)

My Buddy Gard Track Map Application

4G LTE Network

3G phasing out has already begun, My Buddy Gard decided to offer futureproof 4G GPS Watches only!

Water Resistant (IP67)

Buddy Watch 4G has is water resistant and can even be worn while taking a shower

SOS Function

Emergency situation? Simply click on the SOS button on the side of the watch and call for help

Lowest EMR

With Oregone Effects EMR Harmonizer on Buddy Watch you’ll minimize the EMR.

Make & Receive
Phone Calls

Watch can call up to 10 preset phone numbers or Simply call the watch from your smartphone 

“Find” function

Lost the watch inside the house or is your child hiding? Make the watch emit loud sound to Find the device

Learning APPS

4G Buddy GPS Watch has learning applications designed to teach your child through playing

Boundary Alerts

Set up multiple Geo-Fence areas (Safe Zones & No Go Zones) to alert you when they are breached

Long Life Battery

Buddy GPS Tracking Watch has long life lithium battery that can last up to 2 days standby.

Pedometer & Heartrate

Monitor your health remotely & set alert triggers when there are anomalies present**

“Track Map” & MBG GO Demo

MBG GO Mobile Pairing APP

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Secured Payment

What do I get when I purchase My Buddy Gard

If you purchase a My Buddy Gard GPS tracking device, you decide: Which GPS tracking solution is best suited to your needs.

 How you want the GPS device to be worn.

 Which membership option you want.

 What payment method suits your budget.

Become a Buddy Member

You can also easily access our GPS tracking services by tapping into our program and becoming a Buddy Member. This will give you access to:

 My Buddy Gard GPS tracking products

 Program information and insights

 A support network that provides you with an opportunity to share, learn and help other members.

 An affiliate program that rewards you for helping others and can provide you with additional income.