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Discover the perfect complement to your Buddy devices with My Buddy Gard's range of Buddy Accessories. Enhance safety, convenience, and peace of mind for the whole family.


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Wireless Charging Dock
Wireless Charging Dock Sale price$36.00 AUD
Extra Wearing Options - Buddy Pendant
Pet Buddy Extra Wearing OptionsPet Buddy Extra Wearing Options
Pet Buddy Extra Wearing Options Sale price$29.99 AUD
EMR Harmoniser
EMR Harmoniser Sale price$33.00 AUD
EMR Pet Harmoniser
EMR Pet Harmoniser Sale price$41.00 AUD
Stellar Pendant
Stellar Pendant Sale price$58.00 AUD
Stellar Dome
Stellar Dome Sale price$198.00 AUD
Buddy Ener-Koala
Buddy Ener-Koala Sale price$41.00 AUD
Buddy Ener-Bear
Buddy Ener-Bear Sale price$41.00 AUD
Buddy Fall Sensor
Buddy Fall Sensor Sale price$799.00 AUD