Let Buddy Gard be your watchful companion, because your safety is our highest priority.

Why My Buddy Gard?

Choosing Buddy Gard for your safety and peace of mind means investing in cutting-edge technology and dedicated support designed to protect what matters most to you.

When you opt for Buddy Gard, you choose more than just a product—you choose a partner committed to safeguarding your freedom to explore, work, and live life to the fullest with the assurance that we've got your back.

Custom-Built Software

Most tracking companies and free tracking apps use overseas platforms that provide little to no security leaving you and your loved ones in danger! But it seems to be the least asked question when searching for a tracker with people just assuming their data and location is safe!

If you are going to be protecting people, you must assure customers that their personal details and the location of their loved ones are never compromised.


Free Express Shipping

Do you dislike it when you decide to purchase something online only to go through checkout and notice the price has jumped because you’ve been charged EXTRA for postage and handling?

Well we do and promise to not do that to you!

That’s why we offer


on all our Buddy purchases!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Changed your mind? Need a refund?

Within 30 days of products delivered to your home, or of purchase at our store, you may return your items for a refund minus the sim plan subscription fees.

Data Encryption for your Security

In tracking, there are 2 key factors that are paramount in keeping your data safe:
1. Personal Data Security
2. Data Privacy

We’ve got both covered! Plus…
– All our data is hosted by secure Amazon Web Servers in Sydney!
– Our TrackMap has added Firewall Security.
We utilise SSL certificates, so data is always transferred encrypted
– We have added reCAPTCHA as an extra layer of security to prevent SPAM
– OAuth for easy and secure social login to their Track Map account

Free Onboarding

We know new tech can be scary sometimes. And that’s why we hold your hand as much or as little as you need!

Did you know we offer free onboarding sessions via zoom?

We can step you through…
– How to log in and set up your account
– Add SOS number and triggers
– Add your Buddy contacts
– Explain tips and tricks to extend your battery
– Set up Geo-Fence
– And much much more!