My Buddy Gard was developed as a way to provide independence for individuals and their loved ones

My Buddy Gard Story

Why did I establish My Buddy Gard GPS tracking products and services?

My Buddy Gard GPS tracker was developed for the
non tech savvy and needed to be easy to use, waterproof, look right and be a device that I could trust.

It all started when my Mum developed anxiety and panic attacks. After losing her life partner she was living in Queensland by herself when the attacks started.

My Mum was 75 and had never had any illness. Suddenly she was frequently calling me with a frail and panicked voice. It was really scary and frustrating for me and because I was living in Melbourne I felt helpless.

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Erika Wager

I eventually moved her down to Melbourne to live with me. As she started to feel better and take control over her panic attacks she became keen to regain her independence and live on her own again (I now realise where I got my independent streak from!).

I understood her need to rediscover her freedom but I was stressed about how I could still look after her. The situation motivated me to seriously investigate how personal GPS trackers may help. I wanted a tracker that would alert me when my Mum was having a panic attack, heart issue, or a fall, and then have the ability to call her and help keep her calm, or immediately send help.

Telstra reception was a very important factor because she still wanted to travel around Australia and back to Switzerland. I knew other providers just didn’t have the coverage in Australia’s outback.

My Mum is also not tech savvy so the tracker needed to be easy to use, waterproof, look right, and be a device that I could trust. After all it could potentially save her life one day!

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My background running a successful business in the automotive industry for over 20 years had given me experience in promoting protection products

 for vehicles, including GPS tracking systems to find lost or stolen cars.

I was interested in the development of personal GPS trackers and had been watching them emerge from vehicle tracking technology. But it wasn’t until my Mum’s attacks that I thought that the market needed a tracker that can be a “buddy” for the wearer and concerned loved ones.

I have always been an independent person. As soon as I was 16 I left home and went to Switzerland to work and I loved having my freedom and independence. Starting my own business some years later was the best way to create more freedom to do what I want, whenever I want. I have created my dream life and the idea of not having that freedom one day, due to illness or an age related challenge, scares me!

So I see “My Buddy Gard” as being a way to prolong the independence of people and their loved ones. Being able to stay in your own home for as long as possible but still have someone there in case of an emergency is a gift of freedom and independence! It’s like having a 24/7 helper but with very low costs.

I live on my own and although I don’t get scared, if I should ever have an intruder I want to know I can just press my panic button. I know that in my panic I couldn’t call from my phone, let alone find it in the dark! Once I press my panic button I know that My Buddy Gard will contact my emergency person so they can call help for me. Or if they don’t answer then My Buddy Gard has a 1300 number that will call for help instead. It’s great peace of mind for any vulnerable person that is home alone, out walking, or even out at an event or party late at night.

I must admit that I have also always been a bit of a control freak. I like to be in control of situations especially when it comes to loved ones. Although a personal tracker feels a bit like Big Brother, just knowing that I can be there for my Mum when she needs me is priceless.

My Buddy Gard GPS tracking options are a Godsend for women and men, whose key role has always been to look after their family. We are busier than ever juggling a million things yet we still feel responsible for making sure that everyone is ok!

Using My Buddy platform, you can look after anyone and everyone in the family at the same time, either through their Buddy Gard or personal phones. It’s the perfect solution to keep the whole family safe.

So, My Buddy Gard all started with finding a solution for my Mum but it didn’t take long to see that I could also help other people maintain their independence and peace of mind. For example, mothers and children such as special needs kids, the elderly, women and vulnerable people of all ages, and even animals and household pets.

Why Should You Choose My Buddy Gard GPS Tracking Products And Services?

Having worked in the vehicle tracking industry for over 20 years I have an excellent understanding of what the limitations and benefits of trackers are. With that knowledge, the My Buddy Gard GPS trackers I developed use the best hardware and software available so that you get an exceptional user experience and a product that you can trust and rely on.

My Buddy Gard is an Australian company and offers you state of the art products with advanced features. You can choose a product that is specific to your individual needs and we can give you a free 30-day trial. You can choose a monthly payment plan and gain free membership into the Buddy Program which offers ongoing support.

You can also join our affiliate program which allows you, with just a few referrals, to get your tracker for free or earn (potentially) unlimited income. Plus, 10% of all our profits are donated to charity so you are also helping us give back to the Australian community.

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