School Bus and the school bus drivers play an important role in bringing our children and students in school.

Thanks to caring and dedicated drivers out there! And of course there are still a lot of parents who are worrying about if their kids are safe in the school bus. And not only that, school buses nowadays, are already using these reliable technologies.

 The following are the amazing and reliable technologies that other school buses are using.

 1. RFID Trackers

 What is RFID? Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields.This will identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader’s interrogating radio waves.

This RFID Trackers have been implemented in most schools in the past few years. And this is to ensure the safety of the students.This technology helps the student to track. And provides real-time information about the students to parents and also school authorities.

This RFID tags can be attached to the students id cards. And when time the students swipe the cards, notifications is sending via parents phone as well as school authorities.

2. Wi-FI

We all know how convenient the WI-FI is. And having a WI-FI in school buses is helpful for students who are completing their homework. Also they can keep themselves occupied.

 3.Enhanced GPS and Telematics Capabilities

This is the new advances in GPS and Telematics technology. It allows fleets to track bus routes and driver behavior as well. Operations can see routes to avoid congestion and danger zones. And this will help students to get to school on time.

4. Digital Cameras

Digital cameras can capture audio and video as well. This will let you know exactly what happening inside a school bus. And keep the driver’s attention on the road. Added to that student’s bullying, disciplinary issues and safety issues can observe and manage.

 5. School Bus Trackers

The RFID and GPS Tracking provide real time information for school bus locations. Parents are notified 10 minutes before the school bus reaches the scheduled bus stop. Once the student boards the bus, the parents and school authorities are further notified about the journey of the bus. Reports on speed of the bus, unscheduled bus stops, fuel consumption etc. can also be generated using school bus tracker. All these information can help in judging the performance of the school bus drivers and also in cutting costs labour and fuel.

“Did you know that your child is 8 times safer on a school bus while compared to other vehicles?”

Written by Siim Konks


“School Bus Drivers Transport, The World’s Most Precious Cargo”

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