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My Car Buddy GPS Tracker — A Revolution in Tracking Capabilities

Car theft is a worrying trend in Australia with thousands of automobiles stolen each year. In fact, newly released figures indicate that over 1000 vehicles are stolen every week and it is even more shocking that this number keeps soaring.

Have a look at this video how thieves drive away with a new Mercedes-Benz without having the key.

Valuable items left in your vehicle

Car Theft is only the tip of the iceberg; valuable items left in your car are also targeted. It could be your laptop, tools, phones and even jewelry. Drug addicts and professional thieves are finding valuables left in cars as easy pickings. Car owners have become alarmed and vulnerable because you can’t really tell when your car becomes the next target since the chances of it happening are highly probable.

Therefore, as a vehicle owner, you must ask some very important questions such as;

  • How best can I protect my car and any valuables left in it?
  • Is there an effective GPS Tracker that will guarantee security and peace of mind?
  • What guarantee do I have that I can easily track, locate and recover my car if it is stolen?
  • Is a lock and key system enough to safely protect my car and its contents?
  • Is there a system that can immediately notify me if a thief attempts to break into my vehicle?
  • To what extent will I be inconvenienced if valuables are stolen out of my car or worse still my car is stolen?


    GPS Trackers continue to flood the market and many fail to meet Australian quality assurance standards and are still using 3G Network that has been flagged to be shut down earliest 2020

This begs the question;

  • Do you need something cheap or expensive to have a guarantee that your car and all your valuable items in it will always be safe?
  •  How do you distinguish substandard Tracking devices from quality ones so that you get value for your money?

While there are many GPS trackers in the Australian market today, there are subtle and explicit reasons why My Car Buddy GPS tracker gains an edge over the others and why it is the No.1 choice for many car owners today.

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