SOS and Fall Detection

  • Purpose: The SOS Alert feature on the Buddy Tracker is a quick-help button designed for emergencies.
  • For the Elderly: If an elderly person feels lost or disoriented, they can press the SOS button. This sends an immediate alert to your phone, and you can see their location on the Track Map app, helping you respond swiftly.
  • For Children: Children can use the SOS button if they're in distress. This action notifies you and allows you to talk to them directly, providing reassurance or directions.
  • Network Notification: When the SOS button is pressed, your entire support network is alerted, and a designated contact receives a phone call from the Buddy Tracker for immediate action.
  • How It Works: The SOS Alert is activated with a simple button press on the Buddy Tracker. Once activated, your support network is immediately notified, and a designated person receives a direct phone call from the Buddy Tracker. This ensures quick communication and efficient response in emergency situations.
  • Activate Fall Detection: To enable fall detection in your Adult Buddy Watch, check this guide in our Buddy Docs.