Geo Fence Alerts

Geo Fence
  • What It Does: Geo Fence Alerts keep you informed when the person wearing the Buddy Tracker arrives at or leaves a specific location.
  • How It Benefits: This feature is ideal for ensuring the safety and routine of your family. It helps everyone in your designated support network stay updated without disrupting the daily flow.
  • Notification System: Family members or caregivers can choose to receive alerts through email, SMS, or push notifications directly from the app, whenever the Buddy Tracker wearer reaches or leaves a predetermined area.
What is a Geo Fence?
  • Simple Definition: Think of a Geo Fence as an invisible boundary set on a map.
  • Functionality: When the person wearing the Buddy Tracker steps across this invisible line, it triggers an alert. This notification is then sent to the caregiver and all members of the Care Team.
  • Usage: It's like having an invisible safety perimeter that you define, which helps you monitor and manage the whereabouts of your loved ones for their safety and your peace of mind.