Enhanced Location

  • Overview: Enhanced Location is a feature designed to give best chances to the Buddy tracker wearer to stay connected to location services
  • Functionality: It intelligently switches between GPS, cellular networks, and Wi-Fi to ensure the most accurate and continuous tracking. While it doesn't guarantee a connection under all circumstances, it significantly improves the likelihood of maintaining a connection in various environments.
  • Wi-Fi Tracking Advantage: In scenarios where GPS signals are obstructed or absent, Enhanced Location uses visible Wi-Fi connections to locate the tracker within a 50-meter radius. This is particularly useful in urban areas with tall buildings or in dense environments where GPS signals might be inconsistent.
  • Essence: Enhanced location is an advanced form of GPS that enhances location accuracy and speed.
  • Mechanism: By combining satellite signals with additional data from nearby cellular networks, it can quickly pinpoint the location. It's especially effective in areas with challenging GPS conditions, offering a reliable and swift connection to the tracker's location.