My Buddy Gard for Kids with Special Needs – a GPS tracker for kids and teens with special needs.

Looking After Special Needs Kids

My buddy Gard offers GPS tracking devices for kids and teens with special needs. These GPS tracking devices can help you keep them safe at all times. Children and teens with additional needs, high dependency conditions or physical, emotional or behavioral difficulties often need additional support and monitoring to keep them away from dangerous situations.

“Tracking devices for kids with autism and other developmental disorders have gained traction in recent months” – Vanessa Ho

“For those parents who want the peace of mind that their child has not left the premises of the school, there are parent-friendly devices like child-safety trackers.” – Janice D’Arcy, Washington Post

personal gps tracking device Does your child or teen have learning, physical, emotional or behavioural difficulties?

personal gps tracking device Does your child or teen have trouble communicating where they want to go?

personal gps tracking device Do you worry or stress about your child or teen wandering away from school or organised activities?

personal gps tracking device Has your child or teen just dissapeared while you were momentarily distracted?

personal gps tracking device Does your special needs child or teen have a tendency to trust people too easy?

personal gps tracking device Are you fearful that someone may entice your child or teen away from a safe place?

personal gps tracking device Do you lie awake at night and worry that your special needs teen may decide to venture out without telling you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then My Buddy Gard GPS tracker for kids or teens with special needs may be just what you need.

Personal Security

A GPS tracking device to help you monitor your loved ones with special needs can give you greater control over their health and safety. The GPS tracking device acts as a personal security guard. You can set area limits and be notified if they leave the set zone, and you can monitor their health and receive an alert if there is an issue.

Nearly half of the children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) try to wander or run off, even when there’s an adult supervising them and estimated one in 100 people has autism- that’s most 23,000 Australians.

Using a GPS tracking device that attaches a bag or clothing, or that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck, is the perfect way to protect your special needs kids and teens. GPS tracking data can then be accessed via smartphones or our online system and used to monitor their movement and keep them safe.

Peace of Mind

16% of parents use monitoring tools on their teen’s mobile phone to track their location. Special needs kinds may have trouble communicating where they want to go and their needs can also be expensive. This technology can give you peace of mind, save you money and allow you to focus on other priorities.

“If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety, luckily, the tools for keeping of progeny continue to advance.”Laura Moser, The Wall Street Journal.

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