Buddy Subscriptions

My Buddy Gard Track Map & Rules Engine are fully customisable and so are our pricing options.

Tailor Made Peace of Mind For All Buddy Users!

Custom fit your Buddy Experience!
Every Buddy user is different, which is why we have designed our Buddy Subscriptions to cater for different use cases.
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4G Sim Buddy Subscriptions

Buddy Subscriptons with BYO Sim Card

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MBG GO Mobile App Subscription

Turn any of your smart devices into a GPS tracking device!

Stored history

We store 3 Months of location history so you could detect patterns and behaviours.

SOS Function

in any emergency your loved one can contact you immediately! You can provide comfort verbally, provide them directions if they’re lost and/or send help without delay

Boundary Alerts

Set up multiple Geo-Fence areas (Safe Zones & No Go Zones) to alert you when they are breached

*MBG GO – Pair any of you smart devices with your My Buddy Gard Track Map application for Real-Time tracking
* Rules Triggers – Set up Triggers inside Rules Engine to notify you via Rules Actions
* Rules Actions – Actions based on the triggers (SMS, Email, Phone Call, Push Notifications or Even automatic immobilisation & many more)
* Buddy Support – Online support and 1300 692 8339 (8 AM to 5PM UTC +10)
* Upload Rate – Location & Heartrate upload rate of your device. (The faster the upload rate, the faster the battery drains)
* SMS Credits – Buddy Gateways send out SMS’s based on Rules Actions you have previously set.
* My Buddy Hub- Invite your friends to sign up and start using My Buddy Gard (Buddy Basic Minimum) and create residual income. Inquire within!
* Track Map Account – My Buddy Gard GPS Tracking Platform which is always going to be offered for free

Buddy Support & TroubleShooting

Have a quick look into our Troubleshooting page:

CLICK HERE for videos that explain how to use My Buddy Gard
Simply call 1300 My Buddy (1300 692 8339)

My Buddy Gard is designed in Australia but works World Wide

Interested in purchasing Buddy Tracker in your country?
Thought about becoming a Buddy Partner?
Send us a quick email and let’s talk.

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Fill in the form and ask. We love answering questions to help all of our Buddies 🙂

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