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Our “Track Map” has got you covered!

Simply add your Buddy Tracker and any smart devices to our “Track Map” to give you the ability to find, monitor and set boundaries for each device.
it’s like having your own personal body guard that helps keep your loved ones safe 24/7
With the ability to customerise EVERYTHING!
You can set different methods of getting notified.
Set on one device or set it across all your devices at once!

What’s New

Force Instant Location Update & Last Known Location

Need the device location sooner than the automated upload rate or it’s last known address?

Scheduling the Rules Triggers for when you need them

Suspecting unauthorised usage of your company vehicles on the weekends? Set geo-fence alerts or automatically immobilise the vehicles during weekends after driving into the yard. 

How to delete / remove paired device from your account?

Need to remove a device from your Track Map account. Find out how to do it. PS! Removing a device will permanently remove its location history and other settings

How to set up SOS Alerts

Configure your SOS alerts starting from when and which devices you want to apply the rule trigger to what message you would like to receive. 

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