Why choose My Buddy Gard over other GPS Tracking companies?

From Personal to Asset GPS Tracking with one platform

My Buddy Gard 4G LTE GPS Trackers are designed to protect your loved ones and vehicles around the clock. View the location of all your devices with one GPS tracking APP.

Customise the notifications to come through only when you want and need them. Our Service and Products are deigned to give you Peace of mind, Security and more Freedom for your loved ones.

“Peace of mind”

Both of our vehicles have My Car Buddy installed to make sure we know the whereabouts at all times. Insurance company gave us 10% off our annual premiums just by having these devices installed. 

“Great product to protect your investment”

Our company finances bad credit customers and gives customer second chances. Taking high risk customers means more defaults on the payments. As vehicle recovery can reach into thousands of dollars, having My Car Buddy device installed has lead to quick and easy recovery, which has helped us save tens of thousands of dollars per year. Great product

“My Buddy Gard is a great way to protect your family”

My Autistic son has tries to goes wandering on regular basis and keeps finding new ways of getting out of the house unnoticed. This product has brought me peace of mind as now I know where my son is at all times. As an NDIS Provider, My Buddy Gard helped us organise all the paperwork for our GPS Tracking Watch and Subscription.

Thank you so much.  

Build For & Tested for both Android and IOS

Our applications are designed to work on both of the major platforms. 
Find our pairing applications from Google Play Store and Apple AppStore

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