If you are a happy Buddy user and keen to refer our services, you can get paid for doing so!


There are 3 levels you can get paid on and essentially reduce the amount you pay on your own personal subscription:

Level 1
A personal referral = 10% of their monthly subscription

Level 2
If your personal referral refers someone themselves = 5% of their monthly subscription

Level 3

Any referral from Level 2 Referral = 1% of their monthly subscription

Refer 10 to get your monthly subscription for FREE (Based on all referrals being on the same subscription as you)


You must be a current My Buddy Gard client and bring on a minimum of one new client every year to stay active!

You must have an ABN (quick, easy and FREE).

Refer MORE than 10 and you can start banking money!


We’ll give you all the tools you need. Access to our Members Portal with marketing material and “how-to” video’s

Register your interest and we’ll show you how easy it is! Get started today and start making My Buddy Gard work for you!

If you love our products and services and share My Buddy Gard with your friends and family we will reward you both. It’s very easy, simply refer your friends, family and acquaintances, give them your affiliate code so they get a discount if they choose a Buddy Gard and we will also reward you. A win-win for everyone! Start with just a handful of referrals and you’ll get your subscription for FREE and start banking money.

Get serious and keep referring, we offer you unlimited earning potential! At My Buddy Gard we believe everyone deserves the opportunity of living a life of freedom, peace and security.

Fill in your details below to learn how to get started๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

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