My Buddy Gard GPS tracking products and services will provide you with greater freedom, security and peace of mind.

Our Vision

My Buddy Gard providing greater freedom, security and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Dedicated to being the most recognised and trusted name in personal tracking.

Create Raving fans by offering the best experience with the most user friendly and reliable tracking devices. As well as a unique App that is easy to use with the ability to see multiple devices and multiple users at one time. A team of 24/7 “Buddy Gards” for a fraction of the cost.

To help provide peace of mind to everyone that cares for another through our support, teamwork and buddy program. Connecting our members with a caring and ethical community that shares information, tips and ideas and allows families to get back to having a fun life!

To grow a family of Buddy partners that share our products with others and get rewarded with financial freedom and join us in giving back and making a difference in the lives of those that most need our help.

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