Amazing offer: Only $0.99 per month “MBG Go” Smart Phone Tracking APP

Worried about a family member in isolation?

We can help keep your family safe from afar!

Due to the self-isolation, I can’t physically visit my mum and it breaks my heart. But with My Buddy Gard’s “MBG Go”, I can get notifications that she’s gone to her Dr’s appointment or had her daily walk!

And with the added benefit of an SOS button, her whole support network can be alerted in the event of an emergency giving us all peace of mind.

Angie S

There are similar APPS out there to…

find your phone or friend when they are missing.

With our unique
Track Map you can locate your family, cars and pets all on the one screen:

Take control and know where they are 24/7

No need to buy another device. Simply download and pair our MBG Go APP with our Track Map and keep your family safe from afar. 

Available on both, Android and IOS!

There are similar APPS out there to…

find your phone or friend when they are missing.

With our unique
Track Map you can locate your family, cars and pets all on the one screen:

Take control and know where they are 24/7

No need to buy another device. Simply download and pair our MBG Go APP with our Track Map and keep your family safe from afar. 

Available on both, Android and IOS!

Location Tracking

View and share your current location with all your other family members under one shared account.
Also handy when you have misplaced your device 😂🤣


Set Boundary Alerts

You can set multiple geo fences (safe zones & “no go” zones) and be alerted the instant one is accessed or breached.

With our customised track map you can receive alerts when you leave or enter a zone or even if you dwell in the zone!

SOS Emergency Button

With a click of the SOS button, it will instantly alert everyone you’ve added in your Buddy support network.

Even add your next door neighbour, to receive the alert to help your elderly parents.

Low Battery Alert

You can see the whole family’s phone battery levels and set the app to alert you when any of them is running low on juice.

No more “Sorry Mum my battery was flat”


Your privacy is secure with us! No one can see where you are, unless you give them the access. It’s that simple!

We have encrypted all of our databases and won’t on sell your information.


Increased Accuracy

We have utilised various API’s to make sure you get the most accurate location readings for everyone in your family.
Our advantage is not only utilising 4G, GPS and Cell Towers for positioning but also surrounding WiFi signals.


Location History

Take a look back and discover patterns of behaviour.

Prove you were self-isolating and doing your bit for our nation.

Movement Speed

View everyone’s movement speed as safety is paramount.
It can be an awkward conversation, but sometimes you need to know that your loved ones are following the rules for their own sake.

Who do I add?

Anyone with a smart device

MBG Go – Everyone on the one map!

  • Mum & Dad
  • Teenagers that have recently flown the coop
  • Your grown up baby with his own little family
  • Your brother
  • Your Sister
  • And don’t forget the most important Grandma & Grandpa

Add anyone in your support network

  • Your neighbour
  • Your grandma’s neighbour
  • Your best friend
  • Your work colleague

Bringing you peace of mind, security and freedom.

Still not convinced? Dont just take our word for it!

I have been using My Buddy Guard recently to break down the physical distance between myself and my grandfather who lives in rural Victoria. At a single glance, it gives me peace of mind that I can see where he is at anytime of the day; I’m not relying on him to always answer the phone or return my message to know that he is ok!

Whether it be his medical appointments, shopping, daily walks or his weekend drives, with this app it has greatly reduced my anxiety about his safety and welfare.

This is a great app, it’s super fast, easy to use and has multiple features that for me and my family are absolutely invaluable in this day and age. 

5 stars for My Buddy Guard!

Teresa T

Is MBG Go for me?
Frequently Asked Questions

How will MBG Go keep my elderly parents safe?

By adding the MBG Go app to your elderly parents phone, you can check in on them from anywhere at any time. Whether they live around the block or around the other side of the world you’ll be able to monitor their movements. Get notifications that they’ve attended their appointments, been on their daily walks or been shopping to buy their essentials. (see the boundary alerts)
And with the built in SOS button you will be notified in a case of emergency.

Is it possible to to get an instant overview of where my loved ones are right now?

Yes, absolutely. By installing MBG Go app to your loved ones mobile phones and pairing them with our Track Map you’ll have a complete overview of your entire family on one screen instantly.

Will I get notified when my child gets to school safely?

Yes by setting a boundary alert around your child’s school, you can customise the alerts for when they arrive and/or leave.
Set multiple boundary alerts for things like basketball training, music lessons or friend’s house after school.

My "child" has already moved out, would this still work?

Yes as long as the “child” is happy to leave the app running and understand that it’s about safety not spying. 
It also makes everyone in the family feel more connected and secure.

How does it give me Security, Peace of mind and Freedom?

My Buddy Gard is like having a safety net, where you can see all your loved ones on one screen and fully customise alerts that are relevant to your family’s safety, around the clock.
Allows you to take control, going from constant worry to peace of mind, from overwhelmed to relaxed and ultimately giving you one less thing to worry about!

Can anyone else see where I am?

No they can’t!
We would never share your private location data with third parties and we have encrypted your location data in our servers with 256bit encryption for your peace of mind!
The only time anyone knows your location is if you share your Track Map login details with a trusted loved one. 

How many people can get the SOS alert?

Choose your top 4 people who would respond in case of an emergency.
See more detailed information about our subscription plans

How is it different to find my friends and find my phone APP?

With My Buddy Gard you are able to add other Buddy tracking devices to the Track Map. The really young and some elderly may not carry a mobile phone but you still want to keep them safe.

Our range covers personal trackers, GPS trackers for cars and assets and coming soon trackers for your 4 legged fur babies 🙂
No more switching between multiple apps, see everyone and everything on the one screen

Can I set multiple boundary alerts?

Boundary Alerts or aka Geo-Fence or Safe Zones & No-Go Zones are limited to 8 per device.
Set alerts to notify you when the set boundaries are breached.

Who receives the alerts and how?

You decide who receives the alerts and how you want them to receive it.
Choose between: SMS, Email and/or Platform Notifications*

(limits apply depending on the subscription)

I have shared custody of my child, can this still work?

Depending on the relationship you have with your ex partner, you can use My Buddy Gard in two ways:
1. Share one account with your own separate user logins and co-parent together
2. Keep your account private and make sure that your ex-partner is following the location guidelines (E.g. No skateparks or traveling interstate without permission)

Can I check if the vehicle my child is traveling in is speeding?

Yes indeed you can. MBG Go always logs the movement speed of the smart phone and records it into the history mode. 
Concerned about the school bus driving too fast? Ex-partner is speeding? Babysitter or carer has a bit of a ledfoot? 

How can knowing the battery levels of my and my loved ones phones help?

Our mobile phones are more or less our lifeline these days but we quite often forget to charge them. This is especially true with kids and elderly. By setting the notifications you can prevent getting caught out with a flat battery…

Murphy’s law has shown us that it always happens at the worst time!

How can I utilise the history mode?

History mode has multiple useful applications, including patterns of behaviour, checking the past traveling speeds and route taken,
time spent in a particular location or a visual overview of the daily journey. 

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