How to login & logout from “Track Map”

What is “Track Map”?

My Buddy Gard “Track Map” is custom (Australiand Designed) GPS tracking platform. It allows you to keep your entire family safe and sound, by monitoring their whereabouts around the clock using 4G Buddy Trackers and/or MBG Go mobile application available through Google Play Store & Apple AppStore

Track Map along with our Rules Engine gives you full control over your tracking experience. Set the notifications and triggers all inside one control center. My Buddy Gard is also a proud finalist for the Decoding Dementia 2019 competition.  

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

How do set up a Geo-Fence?

1. Navigate to our website:

2. Click on the “Track Map” Login button

3. Wait for the “Track Map” Login Page to load

4. There are different login options available:
Username/Email & Password or Facebook/Google Account login

5. We decided to choose Google Login for this demonstration

6. Google Account Login will popup. Enter your Google Username/Email address and click Next

7. Enter your Google Account Password and click Next

8. If you entered correct details, then you should now see the “Track Map” page

9.  Once you are finished and wish to Logout, then click on the Logout Button

10. If you successfully Logged out then  you’ll be redirected back to the “Track Map” login page

More how to videos through My Buddy Gard social media channels.

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